• Inter Milan bustle announces three good news

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    "Serie" Inter Milan team ranked Serie A Serie A Italy Serie A announced the good news that Zhang Zhang, the son of Zhang Zhengong, a major shareholder of the company Xingning He is the new president of the club. completed

    Inter Milan bustle announces three good news


    Zhang became the youngest club president in the club's history at the age of 26, and appointed Giuseppe Marotta, 61, a former manager of the "Juvenile" Juventus. League Become a new CEO to Inter Milan.


    In addition, Giuseppe Mezzo has also captured players in the team with six new contracts, including Marcelo Brossov, Matiz Lazio until 2022, while Dalglish Robert Enrique, Roberto Gare dii, to 2023, and Joira Miranda and Antonio Carter to 2020 and 2021, respectively.

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